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Readers praise Senior Missions: What to Expect and How to Prepare.

Such a complete collection could have easily read like a laundry list. Instead, Wilson’s treasure trove of tips is mixed with the “whys” behind her recommendations and short anecdotes, making it neither condescending nor trivial — and helpful for senior Mormon missionaries whether they will serve abroad or from their own home. In a style that is upbeat, friendly and even entertaining, she conveys the idea that there can be great joy in serving a senior mission, especially if some simple preparation is done to avoid the pitfalls.

– Deseret News, Book review: New book takes mystery out of serving an LDS senior mission

“When is the last time you read a ‘How To’ book that was a page-turner? Well this is it. Humor, honesty, never-would-have-thought-of details, encouragement, and valuable advice fill each page.  I loved the summary at the end of each chapter which will likely end up being my check-off lists.  I plan to send this book to all my friends–who like me–are inching toward the end of the diving board and trying to get the courage to plunge. This book has changed my whole outlook about serving a senior mission. Many thanks to the author.”

Dianne de Mik, Preparing Senior Missionary

“This material is so needed in the world of senior missionary candidates.  I would suggest this be required reading for all older couples because it dispels myths and anxieties about missionary service, while at the same time increasing the excitement you can feel at the prospect of going on a mission with your spouse.  Well thought out, addressing all aspects of the sometimes-convoluted process of preparing to go on a mission.  I will definitely use this book to teach about serving as senior missionaries and inspire others to take the leap of faith and go on a mission. Thank you!”

Liz Walton, Returned Area Executive Secretary Spouse and Mission President Spouse

“Written as one sister to another this book provides comprehensive, practical information brightened with encouragement. Do you have questions causing you concern about a senior mission? This book answers even the ones you didn’t know to ask!”

Carla Jarvi, Returned Senior Missionary

“As my husband and I are in the ‘talking’ stage of preparing for our roles as senior missionaries in the coming years, I was excited to read this book by Marnae Wilson.   I found it to be an excellent “primer” to help us with our preparations.  Although mostly written with the Senior Sister missionary in mind, the book would be helpful for Senior Brothers to read as well.  There are many questions I’ve had as we prepare for this next step in our ever-changing life experience.  Most of those questions were addressed here with what I found it to be upbeat, realistic, straight forward and thoughtful discussions about what to expect as we move forward with our goals to serve a mission.  I loved the very real examples used to illustrate the discussions and the delightful bits of humor sprinkled throughout the book.  This is a book every senior sister and/or couple who is even contemplating missionary service should read and re-read as they prepare for their service experience.”

Julie Loveridge, Preparing Senior Missionary

“If you are a senior sister contemplating serving a mission, then this is the book to help you through your decision making and preparation. Marnae Wilson has shared her wealth of experience and walks you through from the beginning stages of asking about a mission, to preparing to serve a mission, to actually beginning your service as a missionary. This book is a must read for any prospective senior sister missionary.”

Sheryl Nixon, Preparing Senior Missionary