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LDS Senior Mission Tip of the Week: Cultural Views of Gender

Many cultures view the roles of men and women differently than we do in the Church, and this cultural difference can cause senior couples some discomfort as they interact with other cultures in and out of the United States. Be patient and courteous as you work with the men and women of other cultures. They may may feel insulted as we unwittingly impose our customs and expectations on them.

LDS Senior Missions Tip of the Week: Teach Your Talents

Many senior missionaries find great success and satisfaction as they teach their talents to members and nonmembers–whether the talent is piano and conducting music, auto mechanics, hair cutting, dance, or baking. Whatever the talent, people love to learn and share.

LDS Senior Missions Tip of the Week: Pioneers

Instead of focusing on your own pioneer heritage, discover the pioneers of the Church where you are serving and focus on them. Many members you meet are the pioneers of their own families and have scrificed a great deal for the Church.

LDS Senior Missions Tip of the Week: Music

Many wards and branches lack members with music skills, so you may find yourself leading the music and playing the piano, even if your skills are rusty or almost non-existent. Do take CDs of Church music, especially primary and young women’s music to help you support your members.

LDS Senior Mission Tip of the Week: Spices

Some common spices in the U.S., such as cream of tarter or taco seasoning, are not available in other countries. Since these spices weigh very little, it may be wise to take them with you on your mission. Check with your mission office or search online to see which spices are not available in your mission.

LDS Senior Mission Tip of the Week: When to Apply

You should apply for your mission four to six months before your availability date, and be aware that if you serve a foreign mission, you may not actually leave for the field for many more months because of visa delays.