LDS Senior Missions Tip of the Week: Renewed Health and Energy

“Serving a mission gives retired people a chance to use their talents and gifts again. They discover that they are truly needed, and as a consequence they find a powerful new sense of direction in life. They joyfully lose themselves in new experiences and opportunities for growth. The reward for those who serve is often renewed health and energy. ” Elder David B Haight

LDS Senior Missions Tip of the Week:

The Church has launched a new web page for prospective senior missionaries! If you go to, you can find information to help you prepare for a mission. You can also search current missionary opportunities. Check out this web site and have some fun investigating the possibilities!

LDS Senior Missions Tip of the Week : Spiritual Retirement

“’Our decision to go on a mission brought new vigor, new emotions, new friends, new places, new challenges. It brought us closer together as husband and wife; we had a common goal and a real partnership. And best of all, it brought new spiritual growth, instead of spiritual retirement.’ Brothers and sisters, let us not go into spiritual retirement.”                        Elder Robert D Hales

LDS Senior Missions Tip of the Week: Serving a Mission from Home

“In considering missionary opportunities, many couples throughout the world have an abundant desire to serve but lack abundant means. If this is your situation, remember that the right mission call may not be to a far-off country with a strange sounding name. The right call for you may be within your stake or area.”    Elder Robert D. Hales

LDS Senior Missions Tip of the Week: President Monson

“We need many, many more senior couples. … Make yourselves available to leave home and give full-time missionary service. There are few times in your lives when you will enjoy the sweet spirit and satisfaction that come from giving full-time service together in the work of the Master.” President Thomas S. Monson