LDS Senior Mission Tip of the Week: Celebrating Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a uniquely American holiday, but it turns out senior missionaries find it one of the most gratifying holidays of their missions, whether they’re serving in the US or in a foreign country. Younger missionaries miss Thanksgiving turkey and pies, and it’s really fun to cook for them. In foreign countries, however, finding a turkey can be practically impossible, and a whole chicken may have to take its place.

LDS Senior Mission Tip of the Week: Natural Food

In the United States, we are accustomed to eating processed food that has been augmented with flavor enhancers and other chemicals. As a result, at first, the natural food in other countries may initially taste very bland to you. But that natural food is so much better for you, as long as you wash it carefully and cook it thoroughly. Before you know it, your taste buds will begin to reject artificial foods and flavors and crave the goodness of wholesome, natural meals.