LDS Senior Mission Tip of the Week: Why Do Couples Serve Missions?

From my dear friends Becky and Brian Gerritsen, who are serving a humanitarian mission in Cape Verde: (significantly shortened)

The most rewarding part of our work is getting to know individuals. We met a young man named Alvin from Senegal, Africa.  Alvin was so impressed that our Church would give help to the poor children, so we gave him a Book of Mormon. He told us he is reading it every night.  He is such a humble, good man, and will be a friend forever.
Another young man is named Nataniel.  Nataniel works
very hard building a home he cut out of the mountain for his aunt, as well as working for a cleaning company. He is desirous of serving a mission. He has been a member for only 9 months and is 25 years old.  People like Nataniel and Alvin have greatly enriched our lives.