LDS Senior Mission Tip of the Week: Holidays

It’s difficult to miss uniquely American holidays such as Thanksgiving or the Fourth of July when you are serving in a foreign country. However, if you celebrate American holidays in noisy or expensive ways, local people can feel resentful. Best to keep your American celebrations subtle and quiet.

LDS Senior Mission Tip of the Week: Night Work

In many poor cities and countries, senior missionaries are not allowed to work outside their apartments after dark. Using some creative thinking and careful planning, however, the apartment hours can be used productively rather than be idled away watching movies or playing games. Family history, indexing, telephone contacting, and personal history records are just a few of the evening possibilities.

LDS Senior Mission Tip of the Week: Spices

Some common spices in the U.S., such as cream of tarter or taco seasoning, are not available in other countries. Since these spices weigh very little, it may be wise to take them with you on your mission. Check with your mission office or search online to see which spices are not available in your mission.